Word Forms Create Good Looking Documents

The new Word Forms functionality in Dynamics GP 2010 is going to really be popular.  It allows you to modify the format of sales orders, quotes, invoices, and purchase orders in Microsoft Word.

The two things that I really like about it are:

  • You can insert complicated graphics into your forms and they will look good.  That is just not possible with Report Writer.
  • You can have as many different form templates as you wish so that you can assign a specific template to a specific customer or groups of customers.

I created a short video to demonstrate some of this new functionality.


Dynamics GP 2010 Select Payables Checks Window

This standard window in Payables Management has gotten an overhaul.  Check it out here:


New KPI’s

There are well over a 100 new KPI’s in GP 2010.  Additionally Business Portal has been modified to include many of them.  The “Executive Center” actually looks like a dashboard now.

Here’s an example from the Dynamics GP Team:


Vendor Workflow

There are two important changes in the workflow functionality for GP:

  1. The built-in workflow functionality in GP will now work on Windows SharePoint Services, as well as MOSS.  Prior to GP 2010, MOSS was required, and this just proved to be too expensive for most people.
  2. There are some new out of the box workflows; specifically, Vendor Setup and Approval.

This functionality is nice because it allows structured approval and routing processes for native GP functionality.  This will be very helpful for people struggling with SOX compliance.

The Dynamics GP Team covers this a bit further here:


Smooth Connections with Web Services

Our experience is that Dynamics GP Web Services is the best way to connect to Dynamics GP.  It requires coding, but provides an efficient and sound way to pass information to GP.

In GP 2010, there are 83 additional Web Service Operations.  Check it out at the Dynamics GP Team blog:


Project Accounting SSRS Reports

There has been a real dearth of decent reporting in Project Accounting.  This new feature should help improve things a bit.

See this article from the Dynamics GP team:


Drill Down Builder

When I saw this new feature, I thought, “perfect!”  This adds a lot of power to your Excel reports generated from GP.  Check this recent article by the Dynamics GP team:


Take a look at this as well: