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Dynamics GP On-Demand, When You Want It, Where You Want It

Just launched

We’re using Dynamics 2010.  You can provision the system yourself in less than five minutes.

30 Day Free Trial

No annual commitment

Only one user minimum

Lots of helpful documentation, blog articles, and videos to help you get up and running quickly.


GP 2010 – Unified Communications

The new links in GP 2010 to the Microsoft Office Communicator is going to persuade a lot of people to adopt instant messaging and screen sharing with business partners, in to their daily routine.  If you get an opportunity to see the “new way of doing business” demo for GP 2010, you should check it out.

Here’s a link to a post from the Dynamics Team:

GP 2010 – Adding Extender Data to the GP Home Page

Extender has always been a handy tool for collecting additional data in GP.  The reporting options are improving.

With the release of GP 2010, it will be easy for you to add data collected from an Extender Form, to the GP Home Page.

The process is really pretty easy:

  • Create the Extender Form
  • Create an Extender View
  • Use the Report Builder in SQL Reporting Services to create a chart
  • Customize the Home Page to include the new chart

O.K.  There’s a lot there.  But look at this video that steps you through a simple example.

Consolidate Multiple Contracts into 1 Invoice

This is a nice little feature in Contract Maintenance.  Check it out here:

GP 2010 – Drill-through to GP Screens from Reports

GP 2010 includes 23 drill-through connections to GP screens that can be imbedded in reports.  This is a further extension of GP data to other reporting tools that you can use in your organization.

The drill-through connections key on specific fields (e.g. Customer Number) that open specific GP screens (e.g. Customer Maintenance).

Also delivered with GP 2010 will be a Drilldown Builder that will allow you to create your own drilldown functionality.  This will be licensed as part of SmartList Builder, which already includes Excel Report Builder.

I created this short video that demonstrates how to add a drill-through to an existing report.

This is another compelling reason to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010.

For more information about GP 2010, check out this site and attend our Sneak Peek event.

Microsoft Office Word Template Maintenance

You’re going to really like this new feature in GP 2010.  The ability to use Word to create forms in GP will allow you to add complex graphics to your forms and to maintain many different templates that can be assigned to specific customers and vendors.

Here’s another post from the Dynamics GP team.  Check it out.

GP 2010 – User Defined KPI’s and Graphs on the Home Page Using SQL Server Reporting Services

 GP 2010 includes the functionality to allow users to design their own Home Page by creating their own reports in SQL Server Reporting Services, and displaying those reports to the GP Home Page. 

To try this out you can create a simple report using Report Builder in SQL Server Reporting Services.  Once the report is created it’s easy to add to the GP 2010 Home Page. 

I created this short video that demonstrates the whole process.

 This is another compelling reason to upgrade to Dynamics GP 2010.

For more information about GP 2010, check out this site and attend our Sneak Peek event.